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  • RE: [Help] Nokia 6.1 (2018) bootloader unlock

    Hi, I am not sure which IMEI will work in this case. I kind of never encountered such a device.

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  • RE: Nokia 7 Plus bootlocker

    @ask4you Hello, is your bootloader unlocked? You will need unlocked bootloader to flash yourself using any of the cracked OST LA versions. I have also sent you a message on Telegram.

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  • RE: Nokia 7 Plus bootlocker

    Hi @steaming_turd, that's a Nokia 7 Plus?

    Should be possible and we'll leave you on Oreo after that. You will be able to take the OTA update and return back to Android 9. Not sure what it takes to allow support for exFAT or other formats on the external SD. So, I hope you know your things :)

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  • RE: iPhone disabled due to wrong PIN, connecting to PC does nothing

    Hi Gobind, when disabled, the iPhone will indeed not communicate with computers. You need to connect to iTunes in Apple's recovery mode.

    1. Power off the phone.
    2. Press and hold the Power/lock key on your 6S.
    3. Connect the USB cable.

    The phone should boot with an iTunes logo and a USB cable animation. Now iTunes will recognize your phone and prompt you to update. You should avoid updating and go with the restore. Yes, you need to reset the iPhone and wipe all data to make it usable again.

    When setting it up again, you will have the option of restoring an existing backup.

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  • RE: Connect xiaomi wifi repeater pro to unsecured wifi router

    Hi, there's no way to make that happen. The repeater is only designed to work with secured networks. Honestly, even connecting to secure network from some routes is a hard task on it and thinking of a workaround for unsecured networks seems like a distant possibility.

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  • RE: Band Unlocking

    @Steveooo30 Hi, I do not think that's a possibility since the details of the bands must be stored inside the partitions which aren't accessible even when rooted. Haven't really encountered any tutorials or possibilities to modify the bands other than from EDL mode, which is a risky affair.

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  • RE: Forgot to unlock critical and cannot use OST now

    The unlock is no longer possible after the August update without downgrading. There's a workaround though:

    Since your device is already unlocked, you can root it and then write the old abl and xbl from the stock B2N firmware.

    Once you downgrade the abl and xbl, then you can go back to download mode and unlock critical using the same unlock key.

    After that you can flash the device using OST LA to revert to full stock ROM.

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  • RE: Nokia X6 (6.1 Plus) shows as Totoro in settings and does not get software update

    Dear Igor,

    From what I have experienced, the Nokia X6 which shows as Totoro is a converted unit, but flashed with a custom firmware. That is the reason why it does not receive software updates. So, if you unlock the bootloader, then you can install the official WW firmware which will receive OTA updates. I can confirm that it will even receive the Android Pie update.

    Here's a roadmap:

    1. Unlock the bootloader - All Totoro devices that I have seen run the July security patch. So, unlocking the bootloader will be an easy task by using the unlock key. You can buy the key here.
    2. Download the WW ROM & flash it - With an unlocked bootloader, you can flash the phone yourself. So, use OST 6.0.4 to flash the official WW ROM. Do not use OST 6.1.2 as it will not work.
    3. Wipe data/factory reset - After installing the WW firmware, you need to do a factory reset from the recovery mode. This is needed to wipe all data from the device, which can sometimes prevent the phone from booting up.

    Let me know how that goes :) This is only for the 4GB RAM variant. The 6GB variant cannot flash this ROM.

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  • RE: How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?

    It should not have been saved since you did not create an account to link it to.

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  • RE: Nokia 8 Bootloader

    Hi @SalahGFX

    I am sorry to hear the problems faced by you with your Nokia 8. The 8 was/is definitely supported, but I stopped offering it since we do have an official unlock and there's no point for anybody to be paying for something which freely exists. That said, I definitely can generate a key for your Nokia 8. I'd however need to know more about your phone. Most importantly, the software release that it is running right now. If you have any idea of the security patch installed, please do let me know.

    If not, please let me know the output of this command: fastboot oem getversions. This won't tell us the security patch, but we can make a fair guess from the build number installed on the phone.

    The reason I need this is because the unofficial will only work on a pre-August software release.

    Also, can you tell more about what exactly happened to the phone. I mean.. how did it die? That can give some idea relating to if it is some hardware gone wrong or entirely software.

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