Balance Exausted

  • it's showin due to low balance unable to make call what it is when u r providing unlimited calling n net then

  • Admin

    @Mukund-Kumar How did you get your SIM card? Is it with a LYF phone, via the generated barcode or without any barcode?

    You should use the SIM on the IMEI which was used to generate the barcode. Else you'll face these issues.

  • @singhnsk dude recently I brought jio SIM via viewing bar code from my Samsung Galaxy J2 and when ever I am making call or accessing internet it is saying that voice and data limit has been exhausted please recharge your device and when I went do recharge section it said that you have unlimited access of voice and data till 31/12/16 SIM type: prepaid Mobile phone: Samsung Galaxy J2 Ever inserted to other phone: No Restarted device: Yes Downloaded all jio apps: No

  • Admin

    @sarthak-nahar With the partner devices, you need to actually download at-least the 3 main jio apps, better if you download them all and remove them later. Then you'll get the popup to avail the unlimited offer (before or after signing up to MyJio app) and you need to avail that in order to get your benefits.

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