Lumia 540 - Available Storage and is it Worth buying?

  • I am wishing to purchase microsot lumia 540 dual sim which gives 8 gb internal memory. here how much memory that i can get for use. Is that a worthy one or not plz suggest me

  • Admin

    Starting off, I'd ask you to rethink if you really need a Lumia device. Microsoft is reportedly killing off Lumia brand in the month of December and they are already cutting down on new production and push towards the sale of these devices. In such a condition, it might become extremely difficult to get service, support and updated software on your phone. With reduced number of devices for sale, the overall sales will surely come down and that would cause reduction in the number of new apps in the Windows store.

    The phone was also launched more than an year ago and might be already nearing its life cycle. Now, if you still want to go with Windows, you can pick it up. Unlike Android, the storage is less used in Windows, but you will certainly still have storage woes if you are going to install large games which individually use up over a GB.

    If I was at your place, I'd certainly not pick up a Lumia at this time unless I can't live without a phone that runs Windows.

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