Will Reliance Jio Block SIM Slot and Prevent Use of Other SIM Cards?

  • I received a message on WhatsApp and also read on a few facebook groups that Reliance Jio will block the sim slot and I will not be able to use any other SIM card from a different operator say Airtel. They claim jio is providing free sim and free data so that they can lock the sim slot and then only jio will work when I need to pay high to avail the services. Please help me. I got the Jio sim card but i'm afraid to insert it to my phone.

  • Admin

    No buddy, this is entirely misleading and nothing short of a hoax. Reliance Jio will not (in fact it cannot) block your SIM slot. You will always be free to use SIM card from any operator on your smartphone after the free welcome offer expires on 31 December. Please don't fall prey to hoaxes like these and also spread the message to your friends who might be in a similar confusion.

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