Nokia back with flagship mobile Nokia 6 this feb

  • Before the smartphone era the nokia is the biggest mobile market holder. After the android came it's market down. But this time they are with hmd global and releasing their flagship model Nokia 6. New Nokia 6 from HMD Global is on the way, with Qualcomm’s all new Snapdragon 835 SoC. HMD Global announced the new Nokia 6 a couple of days ago, the first Android smartphone, from Nokia. Well, rumors from China inform that HMD Global is preparing a Snapdragon 835-powered smartphone for MWC 2017.Also, the company has also confirmed to release something new on February 26th, 2017. See more about details I'm awaiting for it too.. what about you guys

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    I too am awaiting the new phones from HMD and Nokia. But after using OnePlus smartphones for over 2 years now, the choice will trickle down to what Nokia offers and what price point it targets. Now since Nokia's service centers, retail partners and supply chain is mostly gone, I expect them to price their products more aggressively. If this will be another round of earning excess money out of brand value without actually adding anything amazing, I'll just settle for the next OnePlus smartphone again.

    Pricing of Nokia 6 is kinda already on a higher side considering that they are still with a 4xx series processor (SOC). Hopefully the upcoming devices will provide better power and price ratio!

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