How to change Inbox and Sweep Rules in Beta

  • Hello, I was recently offered to try the new version of in the beta. All is good but I am not able to find a setting to manage my sweep and inbox rules.

    There are a few email addresses which I want to be automatically moved to a separate folder. This was easily possible in the standard version of Outlook, but they are not there in the beta version. I have checked every single option available in the settings.

    Is there a way I can still manage them without rolling back to the old version. Because you say in the article that if I roll back then the beta will no longer be available to me.

    And thanks for your article. Luckily I was offered to try the beta when I logged into my mailbox today.

  • Admin

    Hi Daisy, I have looked as well and it seems that Microsoft has not yet added all the options into the beta. That's normal since it is still under development and not a final product.

    However, I've found a way for you to make changes to the Inbox and Sweep rules without reverting to the standard version of Outlook.

    Simply go to this link. The options panel of the standard version of Outlook will open. You can make your changes and the same will appear in the new (beta) version of Outlook as well. options.png

    You can also manage other settings for your mailbox which are inaccessible in the beta. The following is the reply from Microsoft support regarding the missing options:

    This beta still is not the final product of this version and some features are not available as of yet since it is only trying to show the new interface of the program so it is normal for it not to show the other options for the mean time. If you really need to make a change to your Inbox and Sweep rules as for the moment, you can switch back to the previous version of your before this beta and you don't need to worry about missing the feature as this will eventually be applied to all users once the finished product comes out.

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