Does Nokia 7 support wireless charging?

  • The Nokia 7 appears to be using glass at the back. So does it also support wireless charging? If not what is the point of using glass at the back instead of the harder and tougher aluminum like in the case of Nokia 8? I am interested in buying the 7. It is attractive but the glass back will be a lot more fragile and the lack of wireless charging doesnt justify the usage of glass over aluminum.

  • Admin

    Hi Dixit, the back is certainly made out of glass. However, the phone does not come with the support for wireless charging. At least, the version announced for China does not come with it. There are other smartphones too which come with all glass back and still don't have wireless charging embedded, so it is not that Nokia 7 is the only glass back smartphone without wireless charging.

    That said, I am with you when it comes to using glass without making any good use of it. They could have gone with the same aluminum back as in other Nokia smartphones. That would make them more durable.

    The Nokia 7 seems to resemble the leaked images of Nokia 9. So, it is possible that HMD Global wants to make its new phones look more like the upcoming flagship and hence went with using an all-glass back. It certainly looks beautiful, but durability is a big concern.

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