How to see hidden files in "Solid Explorer" for Android

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    Android phones hide all files whose name start with a period (.). Generally, no File Management app will show you these files by default. Now, if you need to make changes to one of these files, then you need to set the app to show hidden files.

    If Solid Explorer is your file manager, you can follow the steps below to see and manage hidden files in a folder.

    1. Open Solid Explorer on your Android phone.
    2. Browse to the folder where the hidden file is located.
    3. Tap on Options i.e. the 3 vertical dots at top right.
    4. Choose Folder Options.
    5. Enable the checkbox in front of Show hidden files.

    The hidden (dot) files in the folder will be immediately visible. It is a good idea to disable hidden files after you are done with what you intended to. Some hidden files may store important data related to a particular app and accidental deletion of the same can be a pricey affair.

  • Thanks for posting a detailed guide on this. This is really helpful.

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