SMS Delivery Report on Xiaomi A1 Android One smartphone not showing

  • I am using the Android One smartphone from Xiaomi - the A1. Very satisfied with the experience, but the SMS delivery report does not seem to work. Whether I enable or disable the delivery reports, the status is the same.

    3rd party SMS apps from the Play Store do work. But I like the UI of the stock app so is there no way to check SMS delivery confirmation on my A1?

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    The Android One smartphones use the messaging app developed by Google. So, certain features may not be as evolved as you find in 3rd party text/SMS applications or on phones sold by other OEMs. Let's see if I can help you here:

    Enable SMS Delivery Reports: I am using Google's Android Messaging app, which I believe is the one shipped with the Android One smartphones. If not, the setup might differ slightly:

    1. Open Messages.
    2. Go to settings by tapping the 3 dots at the top right and choosing Settings.
    3. Tap on advanced and enable the toggle next to "Get SMS delivery reports".

    Now compose a new SMS and send it to one of your contacts. A toast notification should appear at the bottom of the screen when the text gets delivered to the recipient.

    Manually check for delivery report Simply open the contact's chat window and tap on the text message. Please note that you just need to make a single tap and not tap and hold. When you do this, the field should expand a bit and show you the delivery details.

    0_1519647145326_Android Messaging Google delivery report.jpeg

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  • There is an app for displaying all the delivery reports in one screen (and export), Delivery Reports for Android by Droida

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