Out of memory Error while playing games on Asha 311

  • Why some games showing application error(out of memory)?

  • Admin

    When they'll extend the allowed quota of the heap memory, the phone will not allow them to use any more memory. Hence the out of memory error will appear. Nothing much that you can do besides making sure that nothing else runs in the background :)

  • When it happens to me, I will restart my 311 or sometimes turn off mobile data to stop background process by wechat, whatsapp and facebook apps… So more memory and more fun :P

  • I too restart my phone when it shows out of memory. And it really works.. :)

  • Hi

    I need help with this too. Restart doesn't help for internet download. I also need to know what kind of files are more likely to be larger & cause memory trouble. I have no music files at all in my mobile. I have 16GB in memory in my mobile memory card.

    Thanks in advance

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