iPhone disabled due to wrong PIN, connecting to PC does nothing

  • Hi, just checking my luck here. I have an iPhone 6S (grey colour if that matters). I was at a friend's place and his kids punched the wrong password multiple times which has resulted in a disabled iPhone. All I get is iPhone is disabled. Then on the next line, it says connect to iTunes. iPhone is disabled. connect to iTunes

    I have followed the instructions. I have installed iTunes on my Windows PC. But it does nothing when I connect my phone. iTunes does not recognise it. I have checked the Windows device manager and there's no activity when I connect or reconnect the device. I have tried multiple ways of connecting it, but the PC does not seem to recognise it. I guess the phone is not talking over the USB because it is disabled.

    So, can anybody tell me how am I supposed to fix this when the device does not even talk to iTunes, yet it keeps asking to connect to iTunes. I have also tried a different USB cable which is brand new.

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    Hi Gobind, when disabled, the iPhone will indeed not communicate with computers. You need to connect to iTunes in Apple's recovery mode.

    1. Power off the phone.
    2. Press and hold the Power/lock key on your 6S.
    3. Connect the USB cable.

    The phone should boot with an iTunes logo and a USB cable animation. Now iTunes will recognize your phone and prompt you to update. You should avoid updating and go with the restore. Yes, you need to reset the iPhone and wipe all data to make it usable again.

    When setting it up again, you will have the option of restoring an existing backup.

  • @singhnsk Thank you for the reply. That WORKS! iTunes recognised my phone and has started to do the download of a update file of around 2.5GB. I hope this works. Thanks again.

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