Nokia 7 Plus bootlocker

  • Is it possible to unlock the bootloader on the May '19 update (Model TA-1055)?

    The only FS supported on the extSD is now FAT32... like it's 1998 ><

    Otherwise it's a good phone. shame on Nokia :/

  • Admin

    Hi @steaming_turd, that's a Nokia 7 Plus?

    Should be possible and we'll leave you on Oreo after that. You will be able to take the OTA update and return back to Android 9. Not sure what it takes to allow support for exFAT or other formats on the external SD. So, I hope you know your things :)

  • @singhnsk hello im have a trouble nokia 7 pluss after ota not working but fastboot and adb working i not make firmware from ost 6.04 very old 6.12 servir !!! My telegram @sobakerozzn pliz hhelp mi i se my broken phone mounth and i not make byentool credit !!! If you have i make bye!

  • Admin

    @ask4you Hello, is your bootloader unlocked? You will need unlocked bootloader to flash yourself using any of the cracked OST LA versions. I have also sent you a message on Telegram.

  • @singhnsk нет заблокирован и я не знаю версию был андроид 9 до момента поломки вот и мне не как не получается ппу пал оплатить счёт заморожен вот фото ![alt text](image url)

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