VoLTE with Nokia 6.10 Plus

  • Hi,

    after upgrading to Pie I experienced call drops and poor coverage.

    I then investigated and found out VoLTE, which should be supported, is not enabled in my phone. I also understand that WiFi Calling is also supported by this phone, but I cannot find out where/how to enable it.

    The phone is not rooted and I use two sim cards: Vodafone and EE.

    I dialled ##4636## and "VoLTE provisioned" is disabled, "Video Calling provisioned" is disabled, "Wi-Fi calling provisioned" is disabled and "EAB/Presence Provisioned" is disabled. Is that normal?

    Please let me know

    Thank you!

  • I of course meant to say "Nokia 6.1 plus" :)

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