VoLTE with Nokia 6.10 Plus

  • Hi,

    after upgrading to Pie I experienced call drops and poor coverage.

    I then investigated and found out VoLTE, which should be supported, is not enabled in my phone. I also understand that WiFi Calling is also supported by this phone, but I cannot find out where/how to enable it.

    The phone is not rooted and I use two sim cards: Vodafone and EE.

    I dialled ##4636## and "VoLTE provisioned" is disabled, "Video Calling provisioned" is disabled, "Wi-Fi calling provisioned" is disabled and "EAB/Presence Provisioned" is disabled. Is that normal?

    Please let me know

    Thank you!

  • I of course meant to say "Nokia 6.1 plus" :)

  • Admin

    VoLTE is actually a carrier service and both the phone maker and the carrier need to work together to enable it. Not having VoLTE shouldn't cause call drops, but since LTE network cannot take voice packets, the phone needs to fallback to 3g/2G mode during calls, which can cause the line to be interrupted.

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