My nokia 7 plus was stuck in a bootloop.

  • I wanted to flash stock rom in my nokia 7 plus. while doing so I flashed using OST tool. But, it didn't work it showed the error "download failed". I disconnected my PC form the internet. Then the error was gone it started flashing. but, it stuck while flashing system.img in partition a. the progress bar went upto the midway and start again. I waited for almost 1 hour but, it didn't work. so, I disconnected my nokia 7 plus form my pc. then, after rebooting I saw it was stuck in a bootloop.

  • Admin

    Hi, please use a new version of OST LA. Try using OST 6.2.8. A patch is available on XDA.

  • Does OST LA work on lock bootloader? I tried on my locked bootloader it just stuck on reflash service bootloader.

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