Locked Out Of The House: What Are The Options?

  • Locking yourself outside the house is not something new. I mean, we’ve all locked ourselves out – if you haven’t, then I must say you are lucky! Locking yourself out is frustrating, especially when coming home after a long day. A great day can be ruined if you find yourself in such a situation.

    So, what options do you have after locking yourself out? What to Do After You Have Been Locked Out of the House? Are you locked out of the house? Don’t worry; we got you covered! Here’s what you need to do.

    Don’t Panic.

    Locking yourself out is one of the situations you wouldn’t wish to find yourself in. I have been there; I understand how it feels. The first thing to do is to stay calm…don’t panic! You have just locked yourself out; you did kill anybody. You will be able to think straight if you don’t panic.

    Check Out for an Open Door

    Relaxed? Good. Now check out for an open door. Go round your house checking all the entries. Who knows…perhaps you left an open door. If you left a door open, then your forgetfulness could have just saved the day. We don’t advocate for anyone to jump over their gate. If you do, ensure it is safe to do so. Do it cautiously, and make sure you don’t injure yourself or even startle your dogs.

    Look Out for an Unlocked Window

    When looking for an open door, look out for a window as well. If you find an open window, make sure you feel safe and confident enough to crawl through.

    Pro Tip: Never break a window.

    It’s risky – it can cause some severe injuries. Above all, it’s expensive. In the long run, it will cost you more to repair the window or get medical attention in case you hurt yourself.

    Try Out Your Garage Door

    You didn’t think about this, right? You are not alone. Many forget to open the garage to try out the door that leads to the inside of their house. In most cases, that door is always open! If that door is open, welcome home!

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    Contact People Who Have Your Spare Key

    It’s always important to give out a spare key to a close friend or a family member. Never put all your oranges in one basket, remember? Think of anybody who might have your spare key. They could be yours:

    1. Housekeeper
    2. Friend
    3. Siblings
    4. Parents
    5. Baby sitter, etc.

    Give them a call; see if they are around. If you can’t find a way, you will agree with me that it’s time to call an expert – a professional locksmith.

    Contact A Professional Locksmith

    If you have tried all the above ways and you are still outside your house, clearly it not your day. You need some professional assistance. Contact you’re a locksmith to get the job done. If you don’t have a reliable locksmith (maybe you’ve never been locked outside), carry out some research and contact a great professional. You don’t just call anybody; make sure you hire the right person for the job. Now that you are inside your house, how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

    How to Avoid Future Lockouts

    Once bitten…. don’t be locked out again! Here are some of the ways you can prevent future lockouts.

    Get A Spare Key and Hide It Well

    When a locksmith comes to get you in your house, make sure they don’t leave before making you a spare key. With a spare key, you will always get into your home. Once you have the spare key, hide it in a very hard-to-find place. Everyone will check your doormat, don’t hide it there. Are you clueless about where to hide your spare key? Not again! Here are some great places to hide your spare key.

    a. Inside a brick

    b. Under some fake dog poop

    c. In a birdhouse d. In a fake sprinkler

    e. In an outdoor socket cover, etc.

    Go Keyless

    If you are always locking yourself out, I guess you are not meant for keys. Going keyless is an option you need to consider. Going keyless is becoming popular these days. Why? Convenience. It takes away all the hassle! Is it too expensive?

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