A Guide To Scuba Diving In Phuket, Thailand

  • Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand. For a long time, it has been flaunted as the Andaman Sea jewel. This island has all you require to enjoy an excellent holiday diving experience. The central tourist spots have a trilling mix of lively nightclubs, bars, beautiful hotels and restaurants. However, Phuket offers more than just the west coast’s famous places such as Karon, Patong and Kata. There are also several viewpoints, temples, and secluded beaches to explore.

    Thus, unlike most other diving locations, Phuket has an added advantage of also being a good excursion and relaxation spot. This advantage would come in really handyon the dive-free days.

    Scuba Diving in Phuket

    The diving in Phuket is mainly done by boats and as day trips. This is because of the offshore location of most of the dive sites, making them accessible only by boat. A few of the dive sites can also be directly reached from the beach, or by using a long-tail boat. However, most of the very beautiful sites are quite farther away.

    Water Temperature in Phuket

    The temperature of the Andaman sea is typically around the range of 26ºC in January and February to 30ºCin May and Juneall through the year.Currents rich in nutrientsometimes swell from the ocean bringing cold temperature water along,and causing unpredicted thermoclines that may result in a slight temperature drop for only a few minutes. This is the reason most of the divers wear a protective full length wet suit. Despite this, it rarely ever goes below 25ºC in temperature. The cold currents come with a huge side effect which is that they are accompanied by whale sharks and mantra rays. Temperatures above30ºC are a major reason for coral bleaching.

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    The Best Time to Go Scuba Diving in Phuket

    Good scuba diving can always be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the time period. The major diving season is however, most times similar to the major tourist season in Thailand. The most appropriate diving conditions in Phuket are in the high season, between the months of November and April where there are up to about 26 sunshiny days every month, with an average temperature of 28ºC.

    The absolute finest conditions are typically between the months of February and April. This is because by then, there would be fewer tourists and thus, ideal temperatures, calmer waters, and less congested underwater attractions. Also, this period is when the chances of rainfall and storms are least; the sea is mainly flat, the sun shines well and the waters are a beautiful shade of blue.

    Phuket’s most enjoyable month is April, with temperatures as high as 36ºC. The lighter winds and less precipitation enhance excellent underwater visibility, which is a fact that should be taken good advantage of.

    Phuket Scuba Diving During the Rainy Season

    The chances of rainfalls and thunderstorms are much higher in the rainy season which is between the months of May and October. This results in choppier seas and thus, the dive sites that are on the leeward part of offshore islands are more frequently used during the low season. You also may find your ideal details/information about phuket scuba on www.sirolodive.com.

    Most people prefer to go diving during the dry season due to the better visibility and more stable conditions during this period. Nonetheless, there are still many days when the weather would not be bad. Scheduled trips to the local sites are hardly interrupted by the weather condition. On some days, the weather is even as nice as it usually is during the high season. Over time, divers have been found to enjoy scuba diving regardless of the season, as there is constantly something exciting to be discovered.

    Underwater Visibility During Scuba Diving

    Underwater visibility at dive sites vary from time to time all through the year, and also depends on the dive site. Those near Racha Noi and Racha Yai enjoy excellent visibility all through the year, mostly within a range of 20-30 meters. While some other dive sites such as the King Cruiser, Anemone Reef and Shark Point provide a bit less visibility, mostly within a range of 15 meters and a 25+ meters odd. Generally, a decent visibility can be expected by divers all through the year.

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