A Lol Smurf Account Is Important. Here’s Why

  • Recently, many League of Legends players are going smurf accounts with some possessing more than one. This has raised questions as to why one will opt to buy a LOL account when they can create one. If you are one of such individuals, this article unravels why purchasing multiple lol-smurf accounts is important.

    Best for practicing

    Unlike the pre-programmed bots in the training tutorials, a lolsmurf account will allow you to practice and test the abilities of different champions against real opponents. You can, therefore, practice playing a different role or, various top-ranked games against opponents of your skill level without disclosing your real identity. Since this is just a practice account, you will practice freely without the fear of losing your MMR or your ranking.

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    Best platform for trolling other players

    Some players derive enjoyment from giving their opponents a hard time. They thus opt for an alternative account where they can trash talk or insult tough opponents as a way of winding them up and arouse their worst reaction to reduce their rank. Though we don’t advocate for that, it is the real state of affairs in most league smurf accounts. They won't mind violating the rules of the game since they have nothing to lose in case the account is closed.

    A great way of showing off your skills and talent

    Owning multiple accounts at higher ranking shows your prowess in the league of legends game. This is common among professional players who want to demonstrate their talent through their actions and achievements.

    A good strategy for attaining a better rank

    Shifting from one level to the next can be involving and time-consuming. For instance, leveling up from bronze 5 to silver can take you several months. To avoid the monotonous exercise, some players find it convenient to start afresh by buying an alternative league of legends account. You, however, need to buy level 30 league account to meet the ranking criteria; otherwise, you will buy unranked smurf.

    Convenient for playing in different locations

    Although you can use the in-store option to transfer your account to a different location, the exercise can shake your bank account. You can opt to buy a smurf account using the amount you would have spent on transferring their main account. In that way, you will end up having the main account and a smurf account, allowing you to play in both regions without having to pay for the transfer amount in the future.

    Now that you know the benefits of possessing a smurf account, you can research online to find the best place to buy league accounts. Ensure that you buy a level 30 league account for ranking purposes.

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