Tips To Follow Before, During And After Micro-Pigmentation Treatments

  • Micro-pigmentation is also referred to as pointillism that is performed by a skilled technician on a person with less or no hair on his scalp. It is often done with the help of tiny dots pinged on the scalp's affected area with pigments inside them. These inks can be permanent or semi-permanent similar to the tattooing concept. The main objective of practicing micro scalp pigmentation is to gain a hairline just like natural hair in order to make the scalp look fuller and dense. It helps in camouflaging the whole sleek bald part of the head. The inks used for this purpose give a natural kind of hue to the scalp and can be performed on various body parts, such as eyelashes and eyebrows.

    Is the process of micro pigmentation painful?

    Yes, it might be a bit painful, but the amount of pain is contingent upon the bearing capacity of the candidate. This procedure is done by allowing extremely tiny needles to ping on the epidermis of the scalp of the client. These can give minor stinging sensations to the skin and can be irritable, and that is why it is becoming trendy nowadays. The famous American songwriter bret michaels went bald as well. This process does not cause any unbearable hurt to your skin. There is just a little discomfort that the candidate will have to face for a week or two. But the amount of pain is closely related to your tolerance power.

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    Guidelines to follow by the candidates:

    1. Shower: It is highly recommended to take care of the hydrating practices for your skin. The candidate will not be able to shower for many days after every session; hence it is suggested to shower before each session. After the treatment is done, it is possible that the client may face excessive sweating and avoids splashes and drops of water on the scalp's treated area.
    2. No. of sessions: It usually takes 3 to 4 courses of SMP treatment to conclude the results, and every session approximately takes 4 to 5 hours. Hence, it is quite necessary to make up your mind accordingly. But there will be a gap of minimum two weeks in-between every session or meeting for giving time to the act of the last course to get settled.
    3. Avoid sunlight: While the treatment is still ongoing, it is excessively essential for the person not to step outside the home when the sun rays are falling clearly. Especially after the first session, the sun rays and light should be avoided because it can cause intense itchiness and burning sensation on the scalp.
    4. Avoid steam: The steam from water vapors is equally harmful after the first few sessions because the follicles are still open. Therefore, it is mandatory not to get in contact with steam or swimming pools as well.

    The final lines: By following these guidelines, it becomes quite easy to bear the obstacles coming in the treatment of micro-pigmentation.

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