OST LA Error: UNHANDLING_ERROR: 0xc92d (0xC92D).

  • Hi, In Nov-2019 I used your remote service to downgrade my Nokia 5 (TA-1053) from Pie to Oreo. Now on the same phone I am trying to flash the same ROM again, but getting this error after around 10% progress in OST: "UNHANDLING_ERROR: 0xc92d (0xC92D)." (see image). Steps that I followed:

    1. Downloaded & Installed the patched OST "OST6.0.4ForAll"
    2. In OST, selected the software image file: \Downloads\Nokia 5\ND1-563A-0-00WW-B01.nb0_unpacked\ND1-563A-0-00WW-B01.mlf
    3. Switched off the device. Connected the USB cable. Started in download mode.
    4. Then clicked Edit Phone Information. A window appeared, meanwhile some info appeared on the phone screen.
    5. Then clicked Continue to download.
    6. After around 10% of progress, got this error.

    What am I doing wrong here ?


  • Though my purpose of factory resetting my phone has been fulfilled by using the default factory reset option in Android and skipping the wifi setup during startup, but, I am still curious as to why the flashing via OST did not work.

  • Admin

    Not very sure what went wrong. The full log of OST LA will be more helpful than this error code. Also, you can consider using NOST tool instead. It is a modified and slightly improved version of OST 6.0.4.

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