What is a Built-In Microwave?

  • Microwaves have changed a lot in the past few decades. They used to be bulky and cumbersome and were designed as an oven for large items like hams and turkey. In contrast, microwaves today have a smaller and sleeker build, and are designed for cooking conveniently in the kitchen.

    Microwaves are sometimes treated as an afterthought while designing the kitchen. But in actual fact, the kitchen would not be complete without one. Modern microwaves are loaded with so many innovative features for superior performance, and they come in various styles.

    These include:

    • Countertop Microwaves • Over-the-range Microwaves or Microhoods • Built-in Microwaves • Microwave Drawer

    Built-in microwaves are specialized microwaves that are neatly fixed into a cabinet, wall, or over the counter. The result of this is a more spacious kitchen counter that looks neat and properly managed.

    The best quality built-in microwave must be ideal for your kitchen. It must properly fit and blend with your kitchen interiors. The microwave must also be ergonomic to use, comply with safety guidelines, and should require less repair because the difficulty in removal and reinstallation. Built-in microwaves are more expensive when compared with countertop microwaves. The installation is also a little tasking and the services of a licensed contractor may be required for proper installation. Its installation is permanent, indicating that it is not portable.

    These microwaves usually incorporate both speed baking and convection technology. They can thus be utilized as secondary ovens in the kitchen.

    Differences Between Built-in and Countertop Microwaves

    Price – Built-in microwaves are generally more expensive than countertop microwaves. They also require special installation and maintenance which may incur extra charges.

    Installation – All you need to do when you purchase a countertop microwave is to place it on a free space on your kitchen counter. Built in microwaves on the other hand, are fixed in one spot and require specialized installation. You may need employ the services of a licensed contractor if you are not experienced yourself.

    Versatility – Countertop microwaves can be easily moved whenever you need to. They are versatile in terms of placement and movement. You cannot easily move or change positions of built-in units due to their permanent installation.

    Size – Countertop microwaves are also versatile in terms of size. Their sizes vary from small to medium to large or extra-large designs. The most ideal size depends on personal choice based on the size of the family or kitchen.

    Bottom Line

    Your best choice for a microwave style depends on your personal needs and requirement. For people with already established kitchens, countertop microwaves would probably be the best choice. However, people who are building or renovating their kitchen may go for a built-in design to save space and give the kitchen a neat look. If you belong to the latter, ensure you go for a quality built-in microwave so as to get the best experience from its use.

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