Routines For Washing Naturally Curly Hair Flawlessly

  • When it comes to taking care of your naturally curly hairs, changing your hair routine by upping your hair game makes all the difference in the overall appearance, giving it defined shape and volume. To maintain healthy and voluminous curls, You need to put everything in the right order, know the source of the water used for washing; hard water and other elements present in water can affect the state, and condition of your hair, know the ingredients used in formulating your hair product, know your hair strength and hair type, etc. you might be thinking, it's just washing of hair it shouldn't be that complicated right? Sure, following the correct techniques needed when you are washing your curls and maintaining your routines consistently will help keep your hair in a perfect state. Below are steps to follow to wash your naturally curly hair.

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    Using the products

    Selecting the most suited product for your hair type is very important. Most of the traditional shampoos used for washing the hair contain harsh ingredients such as sodium salt a lathering active mostly found in detergents, such ingredient are not hair or curl friendly, consistent usage causes frizz and more frizzes. Choose a shampoo that is free of sodium salt. Shampoos formulated with sodium salt don’t lather much, but they help add volume and shine to your curls.

    Wash and Watch

    Every hair is uniquely different from one other. Some curly hair types retain their curls when washed less than often, while some curly hair texture improves when washed consistently. To know which one suits your hair best, if you haven’t figured that out already, start by washing your hair less often than you used to. The first time can bring unstable changes to your hair such as excess sebum production; observe how your hair reacts to the new style for a few weeks to a month. If you must wash, cleanse when your hair is dirty, and see how it adapts to the new curly hair routine. If there is no improvement, you can then continue with the frequent hair wash and vice versa.


    Co-washing helps get rid of hair and scalp accumulation of products by using protein-rich conditioners with a gentle cleansing effect. Co-washing twice or less a week helps maintain and keep your natural curls hydrated. It can be incorporated between shampoo washes to avoid the drying effect that comes with regular shampooing or use alone when you have dry and damage-prone hair.


    Styling your curls is the target; don't put the time and effort used in washing to waste, by using a towel to dry your wet and soft curls. Towels such as fiber towels are a bit too coarse for naturally curly hairs, absorb too much moisture very quickly, and hence cause breakage. Instead, get a microfiber turban to wrap and dry your hair, using an upward motion to dry out excess moistures, or don’t even dry it at all.

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