Vitamin C Serum Skinceuticals Vs Obagi

  • For the best beauty care regime, there are various serums available in the market but Vitamin C serum is the best for the overall experience. If we talk about SkinCeuticals it is the best combination of science and nature which was founded in the year 1994. They are into a lot of research and development and bring up innovation into action. Their Vitamin C serum boosts up the hydration of the skin as it contains hydrating B5 gel. It also has the property of antioxidant which evens the skin tone and diminishes discoloration as it has phloretin present in it. This helps in keeping the skin smooth and happy for a long time, moisturizes the skin well. Has no paraben, no alcohol, no dye, and is fragrance-free, therefore it is good for all types of skin. It protects your skin from pollution and sun damage.

    Vitamin C has the property to keep you away from wrinkles and fine lines. Hydration is their key.

    And if we talk about Obagi it is best suited for the skin types that are normal to oily and has a concentrated form of antioxidants in the serum that is L- ascorbic acid. It reduces the skin aging and hydrates the skin but it is made of Vitamin E and the signal lock complex. It is a Professional serum that contains 20% vitamin C which is in concentrated form and provides great benefits to the complexion. Collagen production is also common because it helps in reducing the fine lines and plumps up the skin. It does not leave the skin greasy or oily. It absorbs easily into the skin as compared to the other serums. Free radicals are neutralized before causing any damage to the skin.

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    If we Compare skinceuticals vs obagi following points would be good to distinguish:

    ● SkinCeuticals is little greasy and Obagi does not leave the skin greasy.

    ● SkinCeuticals has no parabens, alcohol, or dye but Obagi has some properties of it but in a better form and is tested in labs.

    ● Obagi is a more professional serum as compared to SkinCeuticals.

    ● The PH level of Obagi is 3.5 whereas of SkinCeuticals PH level is 2.5.

    We should use anyone regularly because each of them has its own properties and advantages. There might be some properties that might suit different types of skin. Go for the product that has properties that you require for your skin. You should not go on the looks or appearance. These serums have great antioxidants and relax your skin from sun damage or any wrinkles which means it leaves you youthful and happy throughout the day. They work wonders according to their properties. Go to website and get detailed information about skinceuticals vs obagi.

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