Bladder Control Products: Medications People With Urinary Problems

  • Those people who have problems in controlling their bladder are actually advised first to give up coffee and soda. These liquids actually make you feel to urinate most of the time. For some, giving up coffee and soda might be effective, but there are still people who did not. For some patients, they are advised for bladder retraining, but still, the bladder problem remains. If you are one of them what shall you do? Your doctor may discuss you with medication options as well as to use bladder control products.

    Medications are actually available for people with bladder control problems. Such problems include sudden or intense urinary urges and urine leakage. For some, even when they sneeze, laugh, or jump, they tend to have urine leakage which is undoubtedly annoying and irritating.

    Bladder Control Products and Medications

    The commonly prescribed by doctors to treat urinary incontinence is Anticholinergics. This drug seems to block the action of a chemical messenger called acetylcholine that sends signal to your brain, which trigger abnormal bladder contractions. Such contraction in the bladder makes you feel to urinate even when your bladder is not full.


    This works for people who are into menopausal period. A woman’s body produces less estrogen. Such estrogen may contribute to deterioration of the supportive tissues around the bladder and urethra.

    Usually, woman suffering from bladder control problem may be prescribed with low-dose, topical estrogen in the form of a vaginal cream to help rejuvenate deteriorating tissues in the vagina and urinary tract in order to relieve some incontinence symptoms.

    There are also other bladder control products that you can use which can only be purchased from pharmacies or department stores without the need for prescription from doctors.

    Female bladder control supplies

    Bladder control pads, panti-liners, adult diapers and other protective wear are common supplies that you can buy whenever you are suffering from bladder control problems.

    Disposable Bed sheets

    Such supply may be needed if patient is suffering from severe bladder control problems. This helps eliminate the need to wash sheets and it also protects mattresses from unwanted liquids. What is good about these sheets is that it absorbs liquids, allowing to sleep confidently without thinking of mess.

    Adult briefs

    For men suffering from bladder control problems, there are disposable adult briefs that can easily be bought from department stores. This is great especially for men who will be travelling as well as those who will always out from the house and can’t change easily their underwear. It is also liquid absorbent that makes one feel ease despite urine leakages.

    KegelTarining Kit

    If you are really determined to perform effective exercise, you can download videos on kegel exercises. There are also kegel training kit that you can easily purchase from stores.

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