Export Messages from Asha 501 to PC

  • Hello,

    I am a user of Asha 501 DualSim phone. I want to export my msgs, like how we could in the older XpressMusic series using Nokia Suite to PC. But I know that Nokia Suite can't be used with Nokia Asha 501. So please suggest me a way to do this.

    I think taking a backup from the Backup menu in the phone takes a backup of messages too. But I dont know how to extract the messages from that. It is important for me to do so. Any READABLE format will be fine (PDF, DOC, TXT, XLS etc,)


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    Hello Sashu199

    So was looking into the backups created by the Nokia Asha 501. It stores a separate database file for each section of the content stored. It should be easily possible to export the text messages (using any Database Browsing tool), but as the Message Text and Address (phone number) are stored in different tables, you can only export one at a time. In short, you can get a list of all messages in a CSV format, but they won't show the sender's number in an adjoining field.

    Let me know if you need further info.

  • could you please guide me that how can i back up message in my nokia asha 501?

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    You cannot backup the messages alone. Settings > Backup and you can take a backup of almost everything combined.. Messages, Settings, Calendar, Alarm and more :)

  • Hello, I am looking for a way, to to export an view my sms-messages on my computer from my asha 501 too. I managed to export all content (sms, calendar, contacts). But here´s the problem: The export file is a *.mbk file and I was not able to open it in an usefull way. I found out, that mbk is a file format from database IV, but that dos not help. So please give me a tip for a working database viewer that helps me to convert my sms into CSV or anything similar from the asha mbk-backup file.

    I would be very glad about any solution for this problem. Greets

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    Its a tar archive. So extract MKV using 7zip and the use a DB explorer to open those db files. you need to look into messages.db.

  • i have taken backup from nokia asha 501 and i want to view the messages in pc please guide me ..

  • Thank you very much: the .TAR is the thing I was missing. The use a standard SQLite Viewer on the .db files!

  • Thank you very much: the .TAR is the thing I was missing. The use a standard SQLite Viewer on the .db files!

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    Good to know that you finally figured that out. Enjoy!

  • Anyone who successfully viewed their message in pc? Having problems with my messages too. It seems Nokia themselves don't know how to treat this problem.

  • I got the msg.db file and I opened it using a DB Explorer. Now how do I copy the messages to a PC/Android Device ? the DB explorer is DB Browser for SQLite. Thanks in advance

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