Gigabit Internet: The Future Of Digital Business

  • Do you run a small, medium or large business? Slow and inconsistent network connections must have cost you time and money, and you can’t seem to find a way around it. You get a mini panic attack whenever you have to be in a Zoom meeting, or upload high-resolution pictures and videos. No need to get a new paper bag, I’ve got just the thing for you.

    Gigabit Internet

    Imagine having download (and upload) speeds of up to one gigabyte per second…that is 1000 megabytes per second! Awesome, isn’t it? That’s what you get when you use gigabit internet. This amazing speed is available in locations with fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), where the connection between the provider, your network and your workplace is completed with fibre-optic cables.

    Why Does Your Business Need Gigabit Internet?

    1000 megabytes per second! Think of the sheer speed! There are endless benefits from using gigabit internet. The speed of online streaming and video conferences would obviously improve. Streaming in 4K may not be an issue for most superfast broadbands. But if you run a business and you have to do multiple things online, all at the same time, then you definitely need to get gigabit internet. It ensures there is absolutely no clogging, with plenty of broadband width to spare. So there would definitely be no more cases of your voice sounding 10 seconds after you made a valid point in an online sales pitch.

    If you’ve ever worked from home, you know the crippling frustration that comes with waiting 5 – 10 minutes to upload one high-resolution picture, when you’re used to the Wi-Fi at your workplace. Imagine if you have to upload five to ten of such pictures. You can pause that painful thought and think how much time you would save if you’re working with one gigabyte per second. No lag whatsoever, and what’s more, anyone else at home could connect with no clogging at all. Do you know more about why businesses need gigabit internet? visit on hyperlinked site.

    With gigabit internet, cloud-based storage and back up is as fast and easy as saving to a USB stick or external hard drive. Imagine all the information you would never lose. And at that speed!

    Switch To Gigabit Internet Today:

    Hyperoptic, TalkTalk (Ultrafibreoptic) and Gigaclear have already provided gigabit internet in various parts of the United Kingdom, even in some remote areas; and they are still expanding their reach. Virgin Media, which overtook BT Openreach as UK’s largest gigabit internet provider in July 2020, has one gigabyte per second connection speed currently available in Southampton, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham and Coventry. About 3.6 million homes in Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow and its environs enjoy gigabit internet. Your business could be one of them. Never lose time and money again. Switch to gigabit internet today!

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