Why You Should Prefer Gas Power Washers For Home Over Electric Pressure Washers

  • Whether you’re trying to take off the mud from your car, stain on your floor, or if you’re doing general cleaning on your backyard, it is always great to have a good power washer ready. With this device, cleaning as well as general washing becomes easy and fast. Among the best power washers that are being used in homes today are the gas power washers for home. What are gas power washers and is it really safe for home use?

    Comparing gas-powered and the electric pressure washer

    First and foremost, we need to understand what a gas-powered washer is and what makes it different from an electric pressure washer. Firstly, a gas-powered washer takes its power from its gas in the tank. Depending on the amount of gas or capacity of the tank, you can use the washer for long hours. On the other hand, electric pressure washer makes use of electricity. Although making use of electricity may sound more convenient, equipment that produces a lot of power usually takes in a lot of energy thus may also cause a surge on the electricity bill.

    Next is that gas-powered washers are portable. It doesn’t require any attachments and can be carried anywhere. The electric pressure washer on the other hand needs to be plugged in order to keep it working. Other electric pressure washers come with batteries however these too needs to be recharged every time which involves charging hours.

    Also, gas-powered washers are packed with more power. These types of washers have engines that produces enough power to perform impressive work. Other gas-powered washer models come with intensity or power levels which users can navigate to produce the performance that they want out of their washer. Electric pressure washers on the other hand usually only have a single power setting for all kind of work.

    Things to consider when buying a gas power washer for home

    There are also a few things to consider when buying gas power washers for home. It is important to note these considerations in order to identify the right model for your choice – seeing that there are practically a ton of choices in the market. Having to choose the wrong model for your specific needs will not only miss out the results that you want, it will also hurt your budget.


    Although its quite obvious, you should always consider the brand out of anything that you are buying – including a gas power washer. Ask your dealers or sellers of the most trusted brands and names to ensure quality as well as performance.

    Power and motor

    Depending on the specific purpose, you will need a specific amount of power and motor out of your machine. Know the appropriate PSI which you need for your specific task. Washers usually function with a light, medium and heavy settings – you would want to choose between these three for the washer that you want. Depending on the setting and task, your dealer or seller can recommend the right power for your washer.

    Other considerations also include the durability and the materials used on the machine. Additionally, you can also ask about the noise that it is produced when using the equipment, its weight and size, and of course price.

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