Asha 311 memory issue

  • I keep getting a phone almost full message on my Asha 311. I installed an 8 gb memory card but the same thing happens. When i look at the phone memory status, the phone shows 134 mb. There is another folder called "No Name" which shows 384 kb. When I open this folder, I see memory free 7.3 gb, memory used 384 kb, and memory total 7.3 gb. How do I access this memory?

    Thanks in advance, Jeff R. j…[email protected]

  • Admin


    You actually need to clear your phone memory. 'No Name' is the memory card of your phone. Just open Files and move everything you can into that No Name. Your problem will be sorted out :)

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  • Hi What files should I start off with. Whch files take up more space.

    Thanks in advance

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