How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?

  • P.S. How do they expect me to put my card into ALIPAY with password requirement of 6 digits?.. im srsly never using that site again.

  • Same thing happened to me! on the app and on the website! Im furious! This is very dishonest. Im trying to contact aliexpress through their chat but there is 84 people waiting before me! This is ridiculous!

  • Has anyone found a solution yet?

  • ive never had a problem with aliexpress please solve this ?!

  • should we add our card and then remove it?

  • they said to me at the chat that this is due to a system upgrade, but is not right, they shouldnt be doing this

  • same thing here! I've never saved my card to aliexpress yet It was saved when I was paying just now. I think it must be illegal to save confidential information without permission. this is ridicoulous. i am very angry right now.

  • Adding your card to alipay and removing it from there doesn't work. It makes sence 'cause when I'm coming into my account from web site my card doesn't pop out. This app really got eery cause it keeps sending me notification even when i'm signed out. And if you have another device and install this app it has your card data. So applying for reemission seems the only solution.

  • So how to remove it?

  • Omg do they suck ... after hours with different customer service agents (payments, finance dep, blabla) they didnt help at all. II tried to add it and then delete it , but i got error message "Oops, we failed to save your card due to system reason. Please try again later. " But since you tried and it didnt work I guess it doesnt make much difference...

  • would deleting your entire accout help i dont care if I loose my orders

  • All oke here, my card is no more saved, end aliexpress end alypay works back normal with no saved cards, i think its back to normal

  • oh my gosh really how do we check

  • how do you know

  • Same here, they fixed it. Will change this card anyway just in case.

  • No, they did not fix it, unfortunately. Cannpt remove my card details

  • Just now the customer support said "Due to system upgrade, card information cannot be removed at this moment. Our team is working on this and will fix it as soon as possible. Please be assured that your information will be protected. Your patience and understanding on this will be highly appreciated."

  • use the aliexpress app

  • use the aliexpress app to delete your card

  • How to Remove Credit Card detail or Payment Information from AliExpress

    This feature has been added for user’s benefit to make the payment easily, but some of them are too sensitive about such things. So they may want to remove the Credit Card if they have added mistakenly. If you visit AliExpress.Com, you will not find any option that can help you remove Payment Information. Follow these steps to do so;

    • list itemVisit this link;

    • list itemYou will be asked to log in to your Aliexpress account with your ID and Password, so please log in to get the options

    • list itemLast 4 digits of your card and your Name will appear there, Click on Remove button now

    • list itemOne Popup window will appear to confirm if you really want to remove, Confirm clicking on Remove again

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