How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?

  • hi i have a big problem last week after sucsess payment my new card linked to alipay and saved but this days orders payed but my card didnt saved and i checked and cant find in alipay i use in labtop 1-pls help me about why my new card didnt saved 2-app for desktop is here? 3-desktop is bether or app mobile? 4-why some countries closed for appeal thank you


  • @singhnsk in my aliexpress i could not find "Manage your cards" can you please help me.

  • The solution does not work anymore. Alipay asks you to open an Alipay account.

  • @singhnsk I can't find it nether, the option's probably been removed.

  • said in How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?:

    Thank you the link worked to remove my credit card!

  • Just download its app and go to my credit/debit card details and remove it from there.Its pretty easy

  • Hi

    I can remove my card without any problems, because it was not longer valid. But when I try to buy an item and click on "pay", I have to fill in the data from the actual card, same number but another expiry date, I always get the problem, that I have to type again the expiry date and payment failed, like before with the old card.

  • @singhnsk thanks for the info, it works well.

  • It works fine from the app, thank you!!!

  • Hi! I provided my card info but I haven't signed up yet since there's a lot of negative feedback about the app. Is it possible to remove my card info?

  • Admin

    It should not have been saved since you did not create an account to link it to.

  • Thank you for helping remove the card buy clicking on the link of the first post, if you cannot find it, check the first answer on the bottom link, thank you again

  • @singhnsk thank you so much for you help to remove the card, looks like a lot of people still couldn’t find the direct link, could you help them to verify the link again if you don’t mind? Very very appreciate your smart respond

  • Given by other user here, this links really works for me (Feb, 19, 2019). Please login to your Aliexpress website account, then go to this link: BTW, dont compare Alisucks-express with Really like earth to sky. your real excellent customer service person will try best to solve your problem until your happy and smile (like their logo) but it doesn't with ALIexpress! Aliexpress Customer Service persons really fake and sucks. These chinese people wouldn't help you solve the problem especially when make dispute. They only want to product their allies chinese business. Bare in mind spend your money at Aliexpress at your own risk. Remove the credit or debit card being saved.

  • @singhnsk This is not correct…I went to Alipay and it wanted a completely different login password and those three stupid security questions that no one I know is able to remember the questions or answers too…I have now cancelled my Aliexpress account, because of an expired credit card, I can no longer pay for any goods. The Alipay account setup has a password box that doesn't allow you to type in!!! WTF? If you ask for help, a repetitive robot comes on online…HUH!

  • Worked fine thank you. I did have to setup Alipay or whatever but once confirmed and logged in I was able to remove my CC. Thank you so much for this!

  • Thank You.

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