How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?

  • Thanks for the article about aliexpress. I've recently shopped on the website and they have saved my credit card details for faster checkout. I realised it when my card info was auto-filled when i went to place a new order. No specific reason but i want to remove my card details from there and want to enter them manually each time i order. Is that possible? Can anybody guide me, please?

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    Thanks for the feedback, Gurupal. So, in order to remove your saved card, you need to access your AliPay wallet and remove your card from the list of saved cards. Here's how to do that in detail:

    From AliPay website:

    1. Go to AliPay website and login. Login credentials are the same as you use on

    2. In your account, hover over Settings and choose Manage your cards. Or click this link to access the manage page directly.

    3. Click on the Remove card link located next to the card number. Remove Saved Card from AliExpress/AliPay

    4. Click Remove in the popup to confirm removal. Remove Saved Card from AliExpress/AliPay

    From AliExpress Mobile App

    AliExpress no longer automatically creates an AliPay account. So, if your card still gets saved in the AliExpress account, then you can manage it from the AliExpress mobile app.

    1. Open AliExpress app.
    2. Tap on options> My Wallet > My Credit/Debit Cards.
    3. Tap the Remove button next to a saved card that you want to remove.

    The card will be removed from your AliExpress account.



  • Thank you. It works.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this information. its was quick remove without any problems.

    God bless you :)

  • THANKS!!! This was helpfull.

  • This was very helpful! thanks so much! only the bottom link worked for me

  • Thanks for the quick link to delete!!

  • For me it shows that i dont have any saved cards, but at the same time card is saved and pops up every time i make an order. What to do?

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    Guest said in How do I remove a saved card from AliExpress?:

    For me it shows that i dont have any saved cards, but at the same time card is saved and pops up every time i make an order. What to do?

    This shouldn't be happening and is very strange. Because AliPay is where your payment details are saved. You might wanna contact the AliPay support to see if they have an answer.

  • Hi did you get it sorted? I have exactly same problem. I contacted them yesterday and this morning and they(?)robot? said they will fix it as soon as possible

  • Yes, same here. Aliexpress, the app, not Alipay, saves the credit card info and auto fills it in with every order. That's dangerous. If you lose your phone, someone can clean you out. They say they're working on the problem but that was 5 days ago. I don't believe it. I applied for another credit card and stopped trading with them. Gearbest and Bang good offer the same deals without compromising my finances.

  • @singhnsk I have the same problem

  • I'm also having the same issue, I've asked them to remove my details and according to them this situation is due to a system upgrade. My guess is that it's either due to 11.11 or due to the fact that alipay balance is shutting down at the end of the year.

  • Same problem how to remove I it says no car details are saved but when making order to pay the cart is saved!!!!! Very bad

  • How did you even contact a person there, their robot doesnt understand my question, Alipay says I have no cards but the site pops up my card info? Tf...

  • same problem as i did not save any thing and i found mine is alrrady registered and on alipay nothing saved why they are finishing

  • Same problem here, did have contact with them on the chatline, they say its tue to maintance upgrade that they have some problems end wil solve it , so let see later

  • hi, did anyone find a solution?

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