No display at all on Yureka Mobile

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    I bought Yureka mobile on 16-May-2015. Yesterday (20-07-2015) night I have used Bluetooth application to transfer a file from my Yureka to Samsung mobile, after transfer complete I have turned it off (both the mobiles are virus free, installed Avast Anti-Virus, regularly scanned the mobiles) . But since then Bluetooth is turning on itself many times and around 12 processes related to it are running. I killed all processes from running Apps and turned it off but again same issue. Even rebooted the device for 3 times and power it off for once but still same issue. So switched off my Yureka and removed the battery, I kept like that mobile for whole night. (Before this issue raised, Wi-Fi also gave same problem ie., every time any Wi-Fi connection founds it asks to ON Wi-Fi. I fixed by installing Avast Battery Saver app. Execpt this mobile worked excellent.)

    Today morning when I inserted the battery and kept the mobile for charging about an hour without Switched ON the mobile; and when powered ON, it displays nothing except lights on buttons at down. When I called to my mobile, it is ringing but no display.

    No physical or water damage, no scratch or power short circuit has happened on my Yureka mobile till date.

    Please advise a fix.

  • Admin

    If the phone doesn't display even the YU logo during startup, it is some hardware issue with the device's display and you will be needing service. Unfortunately the service is something that YU barely provides and you're going to face a lot of trouble fighting with their helpline guys before you manage to get a replacement. That's your only solution though.

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