'Balance Exhausted' Notice in Unlimited Reliance JIO SIM Card

  • If somebody can help, I recently purchased a reliance LYF smartphone and got the reliance JIO SIM card with it. I have the preview offer for 3 months, but I recently tried to use the SIM card in my other phone and it did not work - Said insufficient balance while calling and Balance Exhausted when I tried to connect to data services.

    Now I've placed the SIM back into my LYF smartphone but now only calls work. When I turn on data I read the same notification as Balance Exhausted. Please recharge. I tried to recharge via the My JIO app but it says this plan auto renews and cannot be recharged.

    Please help me get my data services back. Please.

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    Vishal, that is pretty normal as I'm sure that you were already instructed by the store that this offer is only applicable with the bundled LYF smartphones. Trying to insert the SIM in another phone would stop the services. Services are resumed back fine for most of the users when they insert the SIM back to the LYF smartphone. IN your case, you need to call the helpline and open a Service Request regarding the barred data services. Their networking team will then recharge your number again to activate the unlimited data offer :)

  • i have same problem . customer care not solve my problem

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    Guest said in 'Balance Exhausted' Notice in Unlimited Reliance JIO SIM Card:

    i have same problem . customer care not solve my problem

    How is your SIM card issued? Under the Samsung offer or the LFT offer? For LYF, they will need to recharge your number again in order to activate the unlimited usage. You might be needed to go through the routine procedure of having them help in setting up the settings and Access Points on your phone before accepting to take a complaint for the issue.

  • I am facing a similar issue. I have all the data unused 2/2 gb yet i am unable to browse the internet.The sign in page pops up saying you have exhausted your account balance.I already mailed them the issue and awaiting their reply.

    edit: i did not placed my jio sim in another mobile.

  • @Shubham-Beck bro is ur page automatically redicting to jioportal ??and pop up msg like (you have exhuasted your account/credit limit) ??im facing same issue i have not used a single mb also of 2gb !

  • Im having the same above problem not used a single mb inspite of that it is showing exhausted account balance..please help

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    @Sagar-Sirsat How did you get your SIM? With an LYF Mobile or by presenting the Barcode? If it is the barcode, which device you used to generate the barcode?

  • @Shubham-Beck hi...did u get ur data back..i have bought mifi device..nd since sim got activated facing same issue can u help.

  • @worldedit same issue..did u get ur data..if yes then plz guide how...bought new jiofi device...nd since sim got activated getting same exhaust massage

  • bro i have not used a single mb also !!i have bought sim from a shop and generated in htc 820,i have not changed my sim to any other mobile but still getting this issue ,in my jio app its showing unlimited previw is activated !!

  • @worldedit same issue...so u r still stuck. ? Can't use ur data.? I m looking for solution. .also complaint to customer care..she told me to wait for 48 hrs..lets see wht happens.?

  • even i am facing the same issue....have not used single MB getting the same Exhausted message....do post fix if any of you got the issue solved.

  • I am using JIO sim in moto x play, i am also facing same problem , not even single data is used, customer care is also not replying or responding to me, my coupon also redeemed, don't know what to do

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    Hey all,

    You need to activate the unlimited in an eligible smartphone before putting the SIM to your device, if it still does not work, you need to change your IMEI to one of the eligible smartphones.

  • same problem bro did u got any solution it happened on 31st Aug i complained on the very day to the customer care they told me to wait for 48 hrs. but is more than 72 hr and they haven't solved it yet they r saying i have to update my phone software but there is no update available. plz if anyone solved it then help.

  • I am facing the same problem. Anybody go the solution??

  • We all are facing same issue balance exhaust. I had a discussion with one of the executive yesterday night, they were saying that there's some issue going on. We are fixing it. But they promised that I will not take more than a day but service request is still open.

  • Didn't use single mb out of 2gb so why it's showing me your data exhausted? Anyone help me? Using zenfone max

  • Hello sir ofter 2gb data how to Exhausted my internet data balance now it's self my data is not working so pls help me...