Asha 311 brightness

  • My phone i.e 311's brightness becomes less sometimes and after a while it returns to normal. Why does this happen ?

  • Admin

    It will be low if you're coming from a brighter room to a darker room. The light sensor adjusts the brightness automatically to what it finds is the right.

    • If room is very dark - Brightness will fairly less.

    • If room is fairly dark, brightness will be quite high.

    • If there's bright light all around, brightness will again be pretty less

    This is how it should perform. But I go agree that brightness sensor has failed to work property at most of the times. Its a fault in the base OS. Not fully optimized.

  • Yeah. As singhnsk said, 311's light sensor is not performing as expected. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. For me, it has never worked :P

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