How to automatically Install Apps from SD Card in Asha 311?

  • Hey bro, When I restore factory settings, Apps & Games which I had downloaded and stored in SD card doesn't show in menu drawer. For making that visible I go to memory card and tap or open all apps & games one by one. Then it is shown in menu . I have lot of app & games. So it takes much time. I want to know there is any other way to show them in menu in less time ?

  • Admin

    There is no other way. Unlike music files, the phone won't automatically add applications/games to the menu list.

    Instead of opening and closing all apps from the memory card, try long tapping on them and when the option menu appears, tap on the blank area and long tap on the next app.

    Do note that: Having a long list of apps in the Menu is a home to problems. Some blank app slots starts appearing after some time, plus the phone sometimes forgets some apps and even hangs.

  • Yes. There is no another way of adding those apps / games to app drawer…. What i suggest is to open apps when you need and it automatically adds to the screen. Don't take trouble adding in a go... I nearly have 150 apps & games for my 311 and i just open them when i need it. Thats all...

    Even having too much / unnecessary apps create error / blank icons when clicked, phone restarts..

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